Scenario Explorer

The Scenario Explorer is a web-based user interface for scenario results and historical reference data. It provides intuitive visualizations & display of timeseries data and download of the data in multiple formats.

Workspaces for dissemination & collaboration

The Scenario Explorer has a feature for saving and sharing “workspaces”; see below the landing page for the IAMC 1.5°C Scenario Explorer supporting the IPCC SR15, which replicates three iconic figures from the report based on the quantitative scenario ensemble.

Workspaces can be generated for the public such that every user sees them on login. Alternatively, they can be created by any user and shared bilaterally with colleagues or on social-media.


Fig. 1 The IAMC 1.5°C Scenario Explorer was the first application
of the IIASA modeling platform infrastructure

Scenario management

The Scenario Explorer also has an interface for uploading and managing scenario data as a central data repository in multi-institution model comparison exercises. The infrastructure includes data version control and allows to run scenario post-processing on any uploaded data (e.g., validation, consistency, meta-analysis).